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October 14, 2011



I chose mastiff because my sister's mutt had a little mastiff too, and she had similar ears! Also, having done DNA results on Stella I know how crazy the results can seem. She's border collie/Sharpei with a little bit Chow. She looks like a black ironed Sharpei with border collie toes. She is definitely border collie smart (and she loves learning new things) but she is all Sharpei/Chow when it comes to having people in the house!

Thanks for my prize!


great photo of the doberman. we are a doberman family and that picture represents the doberman of today. uncropped ears and elegant, smart, and confident.

Donna and the Dogs

I've always wanted to get one of those tests done on Leah. One of these days I'm going to have to just put aside the cash and just do it.

I just love his eyes, in fact, I would have guessed there was Ridgeback in his genes somewhere. Boy would I have been wrong!

Keeshond - huh? I can definitely see it... ;-)

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